Buginese writing a business

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Buginese writing a business

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List of languages by first written accounts From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of languages arranged by the approximate dates of the oldest existing texts recording a complete sentence in the language.

It does not include undeciphered scriptsthough there are various claims without wide acceptance, which, if substantiated, would push backward the first attestation of certain languages. It also does not include inscriptions consisting of isolated words or names from a language.

In most cases, some form of the language had already been spoken and even written considerably earlier than the dates of the earliest extant samples provided here. A written record may encode a stage of a language corresponding to an earlier time, either as a result of oral traditionor because the earliest source is a copy of an older manuscript that was lost.

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An oral tradition of epic poetry may typically bridge a few centuries, and in rare cases, over a millennium. An extreme case is the Vedic Sanskrit of the Rigveda: For example, Old French developed gradually out of Vulgar Latinand the Oaths of Strasbourg listed are the earliest text that is classified as "Old French".Writing first appeared in the Near East at the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC.

A very limited number of languages are attested in the area from before the Bronze Age collapse and the rise of alphabetic writing. the Sumerian, Hurrian, Hattic and Elamite language isolates,; Afro-Asiatic in the form of the Egyptian and Semitic languages and; Indo .

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buginese writing a business

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Load your own content and files for school, work and leisure via microSD or by connecting the jetBook Color 2 to your computer via USB. Origins. Baybayin was noted by the Spanish priest Pedro Chirino in and Antonio de Morga in to be known by most Filipinos, and was generally used for personal writings, poetry, etc.

However, according to William Henry Scott, there were some datus from the s who could not sign affidavits or oaths, and witnesses who could not .

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