Employment and audience

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Employment and audience

For media enquiries please contact Sarah Brereton of Limewash: Other issues If you would like to contact Cambridge Ahead directly about the Cluster Map, or for any other issue, please contact us.

Accreditation for Research purposes If you would like to become an accredited researcher and gain access to the complete data, please contact us here. New features in The update of January includes the following new features and functionality: It is only fairly recently that it has been possible to draw together accurate financial data covering the full range of Cambridge companies, both those based in Cambridge, and those trading in it.

Find out how we define them and the company data provided.

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The map is also different from earlier versions because the data and the map presentation of it is not just for the Tech sector, but for all the Employment and audience economic sectors too. What is the source of the data that has been analysed to produce the Cluster Map?

The source of the data is the FAME database produced by Bureau Van Dijk which includes over 3 million active UK-based companies and a further 6 million that are dormant or who have died.

What is the definition of a Knowledge-Intensive KI company? We classify KI sectors as Information technology and communications; Life science and healthcare; High-tech Manufacturing; and Knowledge intensive services.

Only employment and turnover figures provided by the firms are used in these calculations i. What methodology has been used to create the map? Please see the CBR database methodology here.

What are the sector classifications, SIC codes and their counts as evidenced in the dataset?

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You can find the document that describes these on the page for Academic researchers on the Cambridge Ahead website. My company entry has an incorrect entry. How do I get it fixed?

The correction will be made in the next planned upload of data. If a company is registered outside Cambridge but has not provided its trading address i.

Employment and audience

There are some non-Cambridge registered companies included on the database, despite not showing their Cambridge operation, because we know they are here.

However, to justify the effort of doing that our present policy is that the company has to qualify as being both KI and have ten or more employees. It is not necessary — this map is not a postal directory but an analysis of performance data.

By limiting the address to postal code we ensure that we have a good location indicator. How recent is the data and how often is updated? The current data is for the year We update the data annually and we intend to refresh the data, including corrections, approximately every four months.

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I am a researcher and want access to the full dataset so that I can make my own analysis. How can I get this?

Employment and audience

You have to become an accredited researcher. To do this, please contact us. The map is designed to function optimally across desktop, laptop and tablet but not smartphones. Depending on demand, we may create a smartphone-compatible solution in due course.

Where can I find out more background about the Cluster Map?53, Audience Development jobs available on r-bridal.com Apply to Development Assistant, Learning and Development Associate, .

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