Nkepile business plan

Bantu expansion Towers of Great Zimbabwe. Proto-Shona speaking societies first emerged in the middle Limpopo valley in the 9th century before moving on to the Zimbabwean highlands.

Nkepile business plan

Siboniso and Vusi meet for a daily dose of nyaope. Siboniso getting down to business of being high. How we Got Here I have come to the realization writing such a Hub will need a better background of information and heads-up as to why are we here were we are today: This is from the era of Apartheid, where the regime used alochol as a weapon against us[In one Hub I have published, I discuss how Apartheid used chemical warfare to kill us off].

This went into being an elaborate operation that has us entangled in the present state of drugged-up inebriation which we cannot escape from.

This will take a long time to erase, because, in a strange and twisted illogical way, this has become our culture: The thing about our state of drunkeneness is that those who imbibe alcohol, today, as in the days of Apartheid, they have no compunction announcing their habitual drinking habits, as if it's rites of passge, and of course, of getting easy lay enticing drunken women into easy cohabitation That is our problem right there, where we act in the belief that it is fine to drink and there nothing wrong with consuming large amounts of liquor, spending more time in liquor outlets, breaking down owr families and extended fmilies, and in the later years observing ourselves as crocks ravished by alcohol, and then we wonder and look surprised at what is staring back at us, after years of alochol abuse, whenever we looking at ourselves in the mirror.

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The piece below is another way of looking at ourselves through the historical mirror of other people who have had isimilar experiences as ours in order for us to cull some meaning and make sense of our present social miasma.

But in this instance, I will let the words of Sankara clarify what it is I am talking about. I am inserting this Sankara piece becasue it will begin to give us, in an indirect and direct way what and why we are having a culture of Alcoholism A carry-over from the vestiges of Apartheidand the new Drug culture and reality that we are witnessing today in Mzantsi.

nkepile business plan

By Revisiting Sankara's musings and postulation about Volta, provided by Sankara and seeing ourselves in what he is describing. This is very important that we begin to talk about issues that affect us tremendously, than waxing political and saying nothing in the process. Reading up on Sankara below, is a lesson about Mzatnsi, foreseen and foretold by Sankara as no one else would.

The least thing most of us can do is to Read what Sankara has to say, than just try and regurgitate some maxims of four or five sennteces he has uttered.

This is very important, for in his speech, we see Mzantsi with is clothes taken off-meaning, we cannot escape the truth and reality that Sankara is talking about below, and reading it will help us begin to put things into a very needed and essential African-centered perspective, so sorely needed in Mzantsi today.

This whole charade has been going on for the past 20 years. The promises that have been made in the past elections are hammered into the peoples hearts and minds.

nkepile business plan

Right now, as they knew it would be, they are going to vote and give ANC four-more-plus year to try and rule The elections are finally here, and many people say, "Mmmm, you wait and see when people have to make their own decisions about who to vote for-I tell you, they are going to vote ANC, hands down… You ask why?

I have been posting articles to try and present an alternative input and point of view into the talking points about the elections in Mzantsi.

What time is Amanpour on CNN? Black people in South Africa are being used like toilet paper, and then flushed. Alluvial gold mining equipment.
The Zimbabwe Situation The SABC and e.
How to Play the Saxophone Towers of Great Zimbabwe.

In this issue, I will go cull from what Sankara reminds us about our own situation, today-which is very eerie and spot on about our own present situation of 20 years of neocolonial rule; Sankara was summing up the past neocolonial rule in his country" "Sankara": The decision by French colonial imperialism to cut its losses was a victory for our people over the forces of foreign oppression and exploitation.

From the masses' point of view, it was democratic reform, while from that of imperialism, it was a change in the forms of domination and exploitation of our people.

In alliance with the backward forces or traditional society, and in total contempt of the masses, whom they had used as a springboard to power, the "petty-bourgeoisie intelligentsia" of that time set about laying the political and economic foundations for new forms of imperialist domination and exploitation.

Henceforth, it would maintain its stranglehold over our country and perpetuate the exploitation of our people through "national intermediaries.And so not every business is going to be an Internet business, an app — (laughter) — I mean, I know that’s what young people are all about — I’m just going to create an app, I’m the next Facebook.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa, lying between latitudes 15° and 23°S, and longitudes 25° and 34°r-bridal.com of the country is elevated in the central plateau (high veld) stretching from the southwest to the northwest at altitudes between 1, and 1,m.

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The South African business newspaper Financial Mail published a lead story on 6 August detailing the theory that F.W. de Klerk had orchestrated the libel case to discredit Terre'Blanche and the far right movement in South Africa.

^ From Nkepile Mabuse, CNN Allocation of land to bantustans according to the Odendaal Plan.

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