Reformed baptist dissertation series

An interview with the editors of the Reformed Expository Commentary series.

Reformed baptist dissertation series

A Defense of Confessionalism: The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies is a graduate theological school which aids churches in preparing men to serve in the Gospel Ministry. For more information please visit irbsseminary.

The purpose of the series. The series will include treatments of various subjects by multiple authors. The subjects to be covered are those the series editors along with consultants determine to be of particular interest in our day. The authors will be those who display ample ability to address the issue under discussion.

Reformed baptist dissertation series

Some of the installments will be more involved than others due to the nature of the subject addressed and perceived current needs. Many of the contributions will cover foundational aspects of the self-consistent theological system expressed in the Confession. Others will address difficult, often misunderstood, or even denied facets of the doctrinal formulations of the 2LCF.

Renihan and Richard C. This is owing primarily to a mistaken view of what creeds and confessions actually are, as well as a wrong understanding of the relationship between sola Scriptura and written confessions of faith.

Having an unwritten creed is susceptible to several dangers for the people of God. In Chapter 2, the biblical warrant for creeds and confessions is established. The church has always been a creedal church, even during the apostolic era, and though we hold to the cessation of special revelation, we do not hold to the cessation of illumination and the ongoing need to earnestly contend for the faith.

Chapter 3 is devoted to a further definition of what a confession of faith is and how it differs from the Scriptures. The Scriptures are the infallible Word of God; the confession is our interpretation of the Word of God.

This precludes the confession from ever taking the place of Scripture or being over Scripture, because apart from the Scripture, interpretation would be moot.

In Chapter 4, the confession is shown to be a consensus document, both in its original formation and in its continued function.

Reformed baptist dissertation series

It is important to understand and appreciate the amazing consensus our confession and our sister confessions have had in the past, the need for a clearer understanding of what it means to subscribe the confession, and how the confession functions within the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America ARBCA.

Chapter 5 addresses very briefly the matter of words and terms and the need to understand the authorial intent of the confession. The concluding remarks found in Chapter 6 are practical applications, addressed primarily to ministers and elders, and especially those who represent their churches in the General Assembly of their Association.

Hosea, looking back upon previous written revelation, makes explicit what was implicit in it. Both had a covenant imposed on them by God and both transgressed their covenants Hos.

Paul asserts that Adam was a type of Christ Rom. Adam sinned and fell short of the glory of God Rom. Christ did not sin Heb.Reformed Academic Dissertations Series.

M.A.R., Reformed Theological Seminary) Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary; Th.M., Virginia Beach Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Baptist Bible Seminary) is the Academic Dean and Professor of Theology at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary.

Related posts. Reformed Baptists (sometimes known as Particular Baptists or Calvinistic Baptists) are Baptists that hold to a Calvinist soteriology. They can trace their history through the early modern Particular Baptists of first Reformed Baptist church was formed in the s.

The Baptist Confession of Faith was written along Reformed Baptist lines. An interview with the editors of the Reformed Expository Commentary series. There have been a few times in the past few months that I’ve mentioned the Reformed Expository Commentary Series. This is a growing series of commentaries written from a distinctly Reformed perspective and targeted at both pastors and laypersons.

PhD in Historical Theology Foundational for the doctoral program at PRTS is the emphasis on both the academic and spiritual formation of the student.

There is a growing demand for a comprehensive doctoral program that captures academic rigor and combines this with biblical piety (de pietate cum scientia conjungenda). Particular Baptists, (Paternoster, ): pp.

Introduction This work is volume 17 in the “Studies in Baptist History and Thought Series” issued by Paternoster Press. It is the welcomed publication of Reformed Baptist historian James M. Dissertations in the RAD series are carefully selected, on the basis of strong recommendations by the authors’ supervisors and examiners and by our internal readers, to be part of our collection.

Each selected dissertation provides clear, fresh, and engaging insights about significant theological issues.

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